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We are living in a time of planned deprecation.

From the phones we use to the clothes we wear, it seems like nothing is built to last.

a broken keyboard caploading

But personality and ✨a e s t h e t i c s✨ come into play, too.

So you begin to navigate a labyrinth of bot reviewers and influencers, searching for the perfect thing. And then you finally find it.

Unfortunately, shortly after everyone you see has the thing, too.

It's not very often in life that you get the opportunity to have something that can be both long-lasting and completely unique to your personality and taste.

Mechanical Keyboards give you this chance.

Every aspect of a keyboard from the keys you touch to the cable you plug in can be customized.

colorful keyboard capsloading

Size. Shape. Color. Sound.

The keyboard world is your oyster!

But beware the double-edged sword of unlimited possibility. Too much choice is just as bad as not enough, especially when there's a ton of vocabulary.

That's why I've put together this free 6 part guide to everything you need to know about the wild world of mechanical keyboards.

Cassidy Williams

I'm Cassidy Williams, and I've been obsessed with keyboards for years.

I've built them, programmed them, and even designed mass-produced keycap sets.

By the time you finish this miniseries, you'll have narrowed down the parts list for your dream keyboard. Of course, dreams are subject to change and you can never have enough keyboards!

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